Group Dog Walking: Private Lands, Beaches, & Trails

Tailored Dog Walks: From Natural Terrains to Urban Streetscapes

Wolf in Winter designs adventures as unique as your canine. Whether it's the freedom of open landscapes or the rhythm of Sidney's streets, our 2-3 hour excursions are ready. Our plush minivans serve Sidney, North, and Central Saanich, rolling out two distinct walks daily, five days a week.


  • Diverse Environments: Choose between rustic terrains or vibrant urban paths.
  • Wellness & Joy: Boost your pet's physical health, mood, and social interactions.
  • Expert Handling: Offering both on and off-leash walks, on our private acreage, guided by seasoned professionals.
  • Value: Premium experiences from $35 per dog

Explore further: Adventure Walks for the spirited, and Urban Walks for the city-loving canine. Discover the best journey for your pup!

Adventure Walks: For the Energetic and Curious Canine

Calling all free spirits and their playful pups! Adventure Walks are perfect for dogs with energy to burn and a zest for exploration.

What to Expect:

  • Dynamic, engaging, and long-lasting walks on private lands, beaches, and trails.
  • Professional handlers leading each adventure, ensuring both fun and safety.
  • Plenty of exercise, playtime, and opportunities to mingle with furry friends.
  • On/off-leash walks based on handler's discretion.

Adventure awaits your pup! Reach out to secure a spot for a thrill-filled experience.

Group dog walks in Sidney, BC

Urban Walks: Elegant Strolls for the Urbanite Pooch

For the sophisticated dog-about-town, our Urban Walks provide a refined experience tailored to the city-dwelling canine.

What to Expect:

  • Calm, leisurely walks through scenic urban landscapes.
  • Carefully selected routes that avoid excessive noise or hustle, perfect for a serene experience.
  • Handlers trained to cater to the unique needs of urban dogs.
  • Opportunities for gentle socialization and easy-paced play.

Elevate your pup's city life. Contact us today for a classy canine promenade.

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