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Packages are typically received within 3-5 business days.
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We strive to process and ship your order as quickly as possible! Once an order is processed, we are unable to cancel. However, we offer quick and easy returns or exchanges!
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Yes, we can ship internationally.
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Dog Treat Bag Frequently Asked Questions

Are the insides of the bags the same color as the split tops?
Yes, we matched the inside of each bag to the top! When we created the bags we found the bright interior color made finding things so much easier and we liked the bright clean look.
Can I wash the bag?
Yes! You can hand wash it or if you only need to clean the inside of the bag you can unzip it and pull the liner inside out to rinse it out or wipe it down.
I like to hike. Can the side pocket hold a water bottle?
Yes! The side mesh pockets can hold a small water bottle or a pop can and the inside of the bag is roomy enough to hold a bigger bottle plus you can always hook a big bottle to the D rings that the shoulder strap is attached to.
Will my large hand fit in the top opening?
Yes! The neoprene is snug, yet it stretches to be soft, and it will fit any sized hand.
If I only want to put a few treats in the bag, what’s the best way to do it?
If they are dry treats we have a smaller pocket along the inside back of the bag but we have found a lot of people like to use a small plastic bag so they can close up the extra treats when they are not training or walking their dog.
My dog's toys are slobbery after we play at the dog park. If I put them in the bag, will they get everything wet?
We thought of that! If you put the wet toys in one of the inside pockets, the items on the other side will stay dry. Once you’re home, you can wipe out the bag, and it’s good to go!
I’m training a puppy, and it has a short attention span. Can this bag help me with training?
Yes! We made the top opening so you can maintain eye contact with your puppy as you reach for their reward.
What’s the best way to use this bag if I have an older dog that doesn’t go out much and a new puppy?
You could pack the separate pockets with each dog's treats and toys, or you could buy one of our bags with a different colored top, so it’s easy to know which bag to grab when you walk the puppy.
Can my large phone fit in the front pocket?
Yes! We made the front pocket roomy enough to hold a large phone.

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